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Policy governing the technical services

Technician pricing

There are three (3) different pricing levels:

  • Hours, office hours: Monday to Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

  • Hours, excluding office hours, weekends, statutory holidays.

  • Fixed price.

Traveling exoenses

On-site travel costs are established according to real time (1 hour minimum).

Minimum pricing

The minimum pricing for work performed on a device in the laboratory is according to the minimums established in the flat rate pricing.

Consumable products

The technical service reserves the right to invoice consumable products according to the prices applying the discount if applicable.


We reserve the right to sell certain parts only with installation made by an Atlas Medic technician.
There is no warranty for a component installed by the customer or a customer's subcontractor.
Return of parts: refer to our return policy.

Service level and response time

A file opening with reference to a repair or other request is normally carried out within 4 am to 8 am according to regular schedules and according to the availability of the staff in place.

Remote control

La facturation lors de la prise de contrôle à distance est d’une heure et aux quarts d’heure pour le temps additionnel.
Le client se doit d’être disponible et utiliser le logiciel de notre choix pour la prise de contrôle à distance.
Atlas Médic se réserve le droit de facturer le client en tout temps pour ce type de service. 

Work performed under warranty

The work done under warranty is covered only if a failure has been detected on the device. If it turns out that there is no failure detected on the device, the customer will be charged for the technician's time, travel and/or round trip delivery costs.

Reference: POE-007