Baropodometer, have you heard about it? 

Baropodometry is the method used to evaluate body load distribution to the foot during rest and walking, measured by an advanced force platform called a baropodometer. 

Baropodometry platforms manufactured by Zebris Medical are among the most efficient measuring instruments on the market.
For the analysis of posture, roll, walking or plantar pressures, a baropodometric system may be necessary and recommended. These calibrated systems are made up of platforms of various dimensions and can even be integrated into an h/p/cosmos treadmill.

How does it work? 

Baropodometry platforms make it possible to determine the reactive force on the ground and help to better understand functional biomechanics.

The distribution of force on the ground is measured and analysed using a plate fitted with a large number of force sensors that are independently calibrated, allowing the distribution of static and dynamic forces under the feet to be analysed when standing or walking. This makes it possible to analyse foot deformities, their level of functionality and posture.

Options include systems that synchronize video cameras, as well as balance analysis software. All stored force measurement data can be viewed in slow motion and synchronized with video recording and even with EMG signals.

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Observe and measure the human process

Depending on the application, it is possible to observe, measure and evaluate several walking cycles at constant or variable speeds using simple and effective analysis software. 


Why not use a treadmill instrumented with a ZEBRIS plate?

Les plaques Zebris peuvent être intégrées aux tapis roulants fabriqués par h/p/cosmos.Différents modèles sont disponibles selon vos besoins. 

Si l'analyse baropodométrique dynamique de la marche en continue ou de la course vous intéresse, un tapis roulant est tout indiqué. 
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La mesure et l’étude des pressions plantaires ont de multiples usages, tels que la détection de pathologies, l'analyse de la posture, de la marche ou l’aide à la conception d’orthèses.

The plates

3 sizes available: 

Very small, small and large


For dynamic baropodometric analysis of walking or running, we can provide you with a treadmill adapted to your needs, depending on the space and the type of customers.



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