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Cohesive bandage PowerFlex 7.5 cm (3"). Package of 16.

Color: Black
Dimensions: 7.62 cm x 5.49 m (3.00" x 6.0 yd)

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  • Sticks to itself, quick application and long life

  • 23 pounds of resistance

  •  Resistant to sweat and breathable


PowerFlex is the leader in cohesive sports tapes for its superior performance, wide variety of applications and compatibility as the foundation of Andover's cohesive tape systems. PowerFlex is a patented cohesive bandage that can be used alone or as a base layer with PowerTape, VictoryTape or PowerPro to support muscles and joints. 

With 23 pounds of tensile strength, it provides supreme support and won't slip, for a performance that lasts all day. Eliminates the need for pre-tape and adhesive spray. Provides injury prevention and post-injury stability for ankle reversals, sprains and sprains. Don't slip.


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